The Vorgee Tech Blade Long Swimming Fins are ideal for all levels of swimmers from learning to swim to advanced swimmers who want stroke correction and improve technique. Created with floating rubber, the Vorgee Long Blade Fins are lighter, allowing for a more natural kick. Made from 100% rubber, this swim fin floats in water and has a flexible foot pocket for easy putting on and off. The eyeline swim fin comes in a large range of sizes from junior to adult. The idea with wearing a fin is to improve swimming endurance, strength, technique and increase fitness levels. There are a few reasons of why you would use a swim fin, the first is to build up your fitness and increase your muscle strength. Second is to create a small amount of resistance which would help with rehabilitation and third is to help float your legs when learning to swim. The rubber design will give you more floatation which will help you stay more vertical which is the position of where you want to be when swimming.


Product Features


  • Floating rubber
  • Hydro-dynamically shaped for an enhanced forward thrust motion through the water
  • Flexi-Blade to reduce the strain on the ankles and calves
  • Soft rubber heel cup to reduce rubbing and improve comfort




  • Blue
  • Pink




  • 6-7 (23/24 EU)
  • 8-11 (26/29 EU)
  • 11-1 (30/33 EU)
  • 1-3 (34/35 EU)
  • 3-5 (36/37 EU)
  • 5-7 (38/39 EU)
  • 7-9 (40/41 EU)
  • 9-11 (42/43 EU)
  • 11-13 (44/45 EU)

Vorgee Tech Blade Long Swimming Fins

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