Cable stations are versatile and multi-functional exercise machines. It’s no mystery as to why they remain a classic in exercise equipment. Fitness studios, as well as physiotherapy centers have been relying on cable exercise for years. 

The NOHrD SlimBeam cuts a fine figure in home fitness, as well, combining a stylish, sharp design with a sleek body. Thanks to its slender silhouette, curved shape and high-quality wood, the SlimBeam delivers a professional cable exercise station for every kind of functional training.

Elegant Multi-Functional Single Cable Column

Functional Movements with Minimal Space Required

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Cable Butterfly Each Side

The SlimBeam’s biggest advantage is the butterfly, enabling you to work your body both on one or both sides. It can be swiveled and set at any height. The cables are synthetically coated and run fluidly over the ball bearing wheels, providing an optimal training effect.

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Rubberised Plates for Silent Use

Standard SlimBeam models feature 14 weight plates at 5kg, plus the base weight of (further) 5kg. Each oval-shape weight plate is individually rubberized with a black matt finish, fitting perfectly into the wood body encasement.

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Space Saving Design

Measuring 215cm high and 40cm wide, the cable machine fits perfectly into all interiors. The SlimBeam is fixed at 10cm from your wall and protrudes a mere 20cm total into the room. Its base measures less than ¼ square meter.

Interactive Exercise App

Available for Free in Google PlayStore

In addition to the SlimBeam exercise manual, the interactive exercise app offers many more functions: Simply attach the SlimBeam tablet holder and connect the USB plug: the pre-set weight, repetitions and range of motion are automatically recognized and displayed clearly. Each exercise is demonstrated in detail by video clip. 

Currently only available for Android.

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Video Explanation

Reduce risk of error with your virtual coach - each exercise is featured in detail in the video clips, eliminating mistakes, protecting your joints and guaranteeing maximal efficiency.

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Smooth Exercise

The virtual graph portrays your workout - intensity and evenness are precisely displayed, enabling you to quickly correct your movements and optimize your workout.

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Ready-Made Workouts

Jump in to your workout - the SlimBeam App provides users with ready-made workouts for all muscle groups. Developed in cooperation with sport scientists, these workouts are optimized for training success.

Adapt to Suit Your Environment

Multiple Cable Ratio Options

The cable machine’s range of motion is fundamental: Extension length of up to 4 meters (double) or 8 meters (single) guarantee maximal functional expansion.


The SlimBeam’s cable ratio can be altered by exchanging the cable, so that you can train at 3:1, 2:1 and 1:1. The maximum weight against your body of 12.5 kg (single extension) or 25 kg (double extension) is distributed over 15 weight plates, delivering an extremely precise and balanced weight gradation.

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Home - Studio - Clinic

Functional Movement for Life Long Benefits

Physiotherapists, fitness coaches and professional athletes rely on gym equipment with cable machines for a reason: the cable technique makes strength training extremely effective - and, as a bonus, cable stations prove to be true space-savers among multi-station exercise machines. 

Depending on your needs, the NOHrD SlimBeam can be ordered as a free-standing cable station, or with ceiling or wall fixtures.

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Extension up to 8m

The SlimBeam offers extension up to 8m, enabling you to train specific moves like a

golf stroke or tennis swing. Your workout will become more demanding, intense and effective as weight is added.

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Adjustable Butterfly

Each exercise can be performed at various angles, increasing the amount of possible exercises. The range of overall movement is automatically wider than with a conventional multi-station machine. 

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Functional Movement

Utilising own body weight for stability you will better work functional movements as you would encounter in day to day activities.

Improve Coordination and Stability

Cable machines are the basis of functional training - in the gym, physiotherapy center and in home fitness

Deep layer muscles are responsible for our muscular-skeletal system, which keep the body in balance. Isolated weight training does not reach these muscle groups, whereas cable machine exercise does. Training with the SlimBeam’s wide range of motion will create a minimum of instability, which in turn engages the deep layer core muscles into action, counterbalancing this instability.

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Increase Range of Exercises with Additional Accessories

Workout with Foot Strap, Exercise Bench or Lat Bar

DUse your SlimBeam to work and build individual muscles or a combination of various muscle groups, simultaneously. Train everyday moves with the cable machine - by utilizing of the SlimBeam’s range of motion and rotation possibilities you will boost and improve overall coordination, flexibility and strength.