Getting to Know GSA


In THEORY if YOU go direct to a supplier or manufacturer for products YOU should get the best possible price and advice right? I disagree.

Perhaps you have built up a great relationship with a local store and feel that they are doing the right thing by you? It's likely they are doing the best THEY can do... but that doesn't mean YOU are maximising potential to get the best possible price and advice.

Thats where I come in to help...

Over the course of many years in the fitness industry I have accumulated endless close personal relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, technicians and logistics professionals. As a result of being a manager and buyer for one of the largest and most diverse fitness businesses in Australia I have can offer you the following advantages...

1. Best Possible Buying Power: You may think that by simply going directly to a supplier or manufacturer you are getting the best price. The reality is that there are many tiers of pricing that you will never have access to. You will also miss out  on awareness to different clearance and bulk deals available.

2. Unbiased Advise: Every supplier or retailer will ultimately want to sell you what they have. They aren't there to be your friend. They are there to make money. With a huge network of contacts I will find you the most suitable option at the best possible price.

3. Product Knowledge: Suppliers are there to sell to you. They are not in business to refer you to a more suitable product elsewhere. Through many years of dealing with most reputable suppliers and factories I have learnt first hand how products perform and what is involved if things go wrong. It is not uncommon for a supplier to tell you that what they have is right for you when the reality is that what they are offering you is nowhere near suitable.


What do you do when you buy gear that you are told is suitable, but breaks, only to find out that you only had a 14 day warranty? The answer... nothing... you have blown your money. And yes there are common and well known suppliers that offer only a 14 day warranty even to the biggest accounts!

So with all of that said what do you have to lose by getting in touch with me? Nothing... you only have everything to gain. I am not the typical person you might find in the fitness gear industry. I am not here to just take. I am here to help and along the way we all win.

Why are there no prices on equipment?


Think of GSA like the Expedia of Fitness Equipment or your very own private shopper.

Over many years working in the fitness industry I have built some incredible relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. We in turn provide a mutual benefit to each other.

Once I have all of the relevant information from you I will utilise my knowledge and contacts to find you what I feel is the best deal on the most suitable product(s). From there I will quote you on various suitable options.

What are the limitations?


The options are to a large extent only limited by what is available on the market. Not just in Australia but Internationally. I deal with all tiers of equipment including Home, Corporate and Commercial.

I have no bias to any single brand, supplier or manufacturer however I will not offer you what I feel are unsuitable or inferior products or brands just to get the sale. I take pride on what I do and how I go about it and I have built a reputation as such.